“Constantly-varied functional movement executed at high intensity”

            Yeah ok… what does THAT mean?


No matter which day you show up to our 60-minute Crossfit class, you will be doing something different than the day before.  At Athlete Inside Performance, we have a huge variety of equipment to keep your body learning, adapting, and progressing.  We work with the following equipment:

•    Barbells
•    Dumbbells
•    Kettlebells
•    Pull-up bars
•    Gymnastics rings
•    Climbing ropes
•    Rowing machines
•    Assault bikes
•    Boxes
•    Medicine balls
•    Jump ropes

Class programming typically includes a strength or skill session along with a daily ‘WOD’ (Workout of the Day) that will vary by movement mix, duration, load, and repetition count.  Not only will that kick-start your body to achieve the results you want, but it’s FUN doing it with group of like-minded people!


“Functional Movement”

Day-in and day-out, we perform daily activities that we don’t think twice about… put car seats in the car, carry grocery bags, build a deck, put something up on a shelf, lift something off of the floor… and the list goes on.  These are all what we call ‘functional movements’.  All the movements we perform in our Crossfit classes will help ANYONE improve their functional fitness – this means you will be better equipped, physically, to complete any daily task.  

These movements recruit all the muscles in your body to work together; when this occurs, amazing things happen:

       •    We are able to shed

             unwanted body fat
       •    We get stronger, faster
       •    We are able to perform movements

             that we never thought possible
       •    We move better and easier 
       •    We are less prone to injury

“High intensity”

To be clear – intensity is a relative term.  

We know that performing movements at a high intensity DOES deliver an increased level of fitness as well as an incredible body transformation.


Our primary goal is to ensure that all our members can perform movements correctly and safely before adding the element of intensity.  All our coaches are Crossfit Level 1 Trainers and will guide you through each movement in order to assess and advise on what an appropriate level of intensity is given your specific ability and level of fitness.  

Still have questions?  Check out our FAQs.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our gym!