The AI Whole Life Challenge Kicks Off On September 29

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

45 People, 6 Weeks, Healthy Choices, Positive Change, a Better Life

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In 3 days, the Athlete Inside Performance community begins their 6-week Whole Life Challenge. 45 people - coaches, members, and management - will support and encourage each other in 7 daily habits - NUTRITION, EXERCISE, HYDRATION, SLEEP, MOBILITY, REFLECTION, WELL BEING.

Why did we choose this Challenge?

We believe that wellness is not just about one thing.

Exercising for 1 hour a day is AWESOME... but it's not enough. Eating a nutrition diet is AWESOME... but it's not enough. Living a healthy lifestyle is all-encompassing. It's getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and filling your life with positivity. This is why we chose the Whole Life Challenge. It encourages us to take 6 weeks out of our busy lives to focus on ourselves and make choices that might make us a little bit healthier, a little bit happier, and live a little bit better.

We all lead busy lives. We all have multiple tasks and schedules and priorities to juggle every day of the week. We all often feel like we can't possibly keep up with the demands placed on us... or that we place on ourselves. Our society celebrates busyness and multi-tasking and connectivity. That is a hard standard to live up to day-in and day-out!

We love the idea of this Challenge because it's not about all or nothing. You are awarded points for each daily habit. You may not get to bed on time, but you nailed your nutrition for the day and you worked out and you drank all your water. These are daily accomplishments that you are rewarded for. As we work to build new habits over the course of 6 weeks, we may be more able to transfer those habits into our daily life beyond the Challenge. Perhaps these habits don't require as much daily effort as we think... Perhaps small changes in daily habits have huge positive effects on our whole life... Things that make you go "Hmmmmmm"....

Part of our Challenge includes a benchmark workout that we will complete at the beginning of the Challenge and again at the end. This will give us a basis for measurement as to improvements in our physical fitness over the course of the Challenge. And what better opportunity to have our fearless leader, Coach Russell, to impersonate Dave Castro?

There is still time to sign up for the Challenge. It's $85 and only 6 weeks out of your life. You never know... you might like what you see on the flip side of 6 weeks :).

Send us a message if you're interested in signing up.

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