Dog Days of Summer - Don’t Let Your Eating Take Over!

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Summer is coming to an end (*sniff) but there is still time left to enjoy all things summer - BBQs, drinks, sun, and friends... Here's some tips on how to keep the eating and drinking under control as the long days wind down.

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Summer is almost over and, I don’t know about you, but all of my bodyweight movements are feeling a touch more difficult with the extra BBQ and booze weight 🙄.  

You know what?? I don’t regret it.  It was totally worth it.  

Our summers in Calgary are short and the weather can be touch and go so we’ve got to be able to take advantage of the good times with good food and great friends without the guilt of ‘OMG I ate too much’.

But it doesn’t mean that we need to go all out every day and eat everything in sight.  It doesn’t mean we need to get ‘turnt’ (Coach Russell’s Word of the Summer) and booze it up every night of the week.  

It’s about BALANCE people!  

Here are a few tips to help stay on track for the rest of the summer and even into those beautiful fall evenings and weekends:

1. FOOD PREP Make a point of getting your food ready for the week on Sunday night… or whatever the start of your week is.  Take out your meat, veggies, and rice (if that’s what tickles your nutrient fancy) and cook it all ahead of time.  That way, you don’t end up cheating your nutrition on a day when you hadn’t planned to.  

2. PLAN THE CHEAT(S)If you know the weekend is coming and you have some social engagements in the calendar, then plan your nutrition for the rest of your week knowing that you are gonna go on the Booze Bus to Food Town come Friday night… and Saturday… and Sunday.  Like I said… don’t feel guilty about it.  Just plan for it.


I really need to take my own advice on this one!  Believe me… the chip bowl and the cheese dip calls to me.  But if you’re at a BBQ and enjoying life, just grab a handful and then go enjoy life on the OTHER SIDE of the party!  


Hamburgers loaded with mayo and cheese and all the fixings are DELICIOUS.  And often they aren’t served solo… throw in some chips or fries or salad and go sit down and enjoy it.  But then afterwards…. Just SIT. And WAIT.  Don’t race back to the food for seconds before your last bite even hits your stomach.  It can take 10 mins for your body to even register that you ate so by the time you finish your hypothetical seconds, you feel full and gross and maybe a little sick thinking “oh my goodness what’s the matter with me?!”… you know… I’ve just HEARD… from a friend. 

Now go enjoy the rest of the summer!

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