Couples who CrossFit together, stay together PART DEUX

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Meet two of our members, Scott and Vicki Wearmouth...

Crossfit Fitness Exercises For Couples

Who started CrossFitting first?

SCOTT: After 4 or 5 years of triathlon I was ready for a change. The long hours of solitary training were not a good fit for me anymore. During my final year of triathlon I had heard of CrossFit, after googling it, watching video's of it, I knew it was what I wanted to do next. I finished out my triathlon season and joined Athlete Inside 3 days after my last race! After the first class I knew I was hooked and started bugging my wife Vicki daily until she finally relented a couple months later. 

VICKI: Scott. He still makes sure everyone knows that... 😉He bugged me for almost four months to give it a try and so I finally did so he’d be quiet.

How long have you been doing CrossFit for?

SCOTT: I started CrossFit in September it's been 4 1/2 years of awesomeness!

VICKI: Just over four years already!

How long have you been married?

SCOTT: (Prolly about a gajillion years?) We were married in 2003, we just celebrated our 15th year!

VICKI: Looooooonnnggg time. 15+ years.

Fitness Training For Couples

What does CrossFitting together mean to your marriage?

SCOTT: CrossFitting together has brought our marriage to a new level! Although we are both active people and we do many sporting activities together, CrossFit is the one activity that we both love enthusiastically, it's not my activity or's the one that we both share. It's amazing cheering Vicki on at a competition then having her cheer me on at the next one. Last year we were able to compete as a mixed team (male/female) and we podiumed together!!! 

VICKI: Crossfit has really bonded us in such an awesome way. It’s really brought us closer in many aspects. I’ve always been involved in team sports, Scott in individual, but we both love sports. CrossFit is one we can both do and cheer each other on. We love throwing a barbell around and are always the other’s number one fan.

What have you learned about each other through CrossFit?

SCOTT: Vicki has always been mentally strong but I have seen that she is mentally stronger and tougher than I ever imagined. I have learned she is much more humble than what she appears, she consistently comes to the gym, sets her ego aside, puts in the work and does what she needs to in order to stay fit, healthy and an example to our family.  

VICKI: That his mental toughness shines through every time he hits the gym or a comp. I’ve always loved and admired his ease at visualizing his “line” and to get there and not fail. He’s got a gift with each race or comp; he has a goal, he comes up with a plan to execute and never wavers. I love watching him compete, I’m his biggest fan!

Fitness Exercises For Couples

What is the thing you enjoy most about CrossFitting together?

SCOTT: Her butt. And also being able to share something together that we both love so much. The majority of our social life revolves around our CF friends, it's awesome that we are both connected to so many people in a meaningful way. I love being able to share similar experiences with her and I truly enjoy watching Vicki push herself through her perceived limits. She has taken herself to some very challenging places with CrossFit and it makes me proud to see her grow through it.

VICKI: Seeing him almost every day is awesome actually. Except of course when I’ve died on a workout and he doesn’t feel sorry for me. I also love our strength and grit together; we truly have each other’s back...and great backsides for a couple of ol’ folks to boot! Thank you CrossFit for that! 🍑🍑👫

Crossfit Fitness Training For Couples

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