Couples Who CrossFit Together, Stay Together

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Kat and Josh Laforet are members at Athlete Inside Performance. We sat down with them to find out how CrossFitting together has impacted their lives.

Couples Who CrossFit Together, Stay Together

Who started CrossFitting first?

K: I did.  After our daughter, Sloane, was born, I started going to the AI North location (now Trec Fit Lab) where my brother coaches CrossFit.  I was going once a week and was really enjoying the workouts.  I would try and do CrossFit workouts at my gym at the time, Westside Rec Centre, when I wasn’t at AI North.  It was fine, but not great.  That’s when I decided to join AI Performance.  I was going every day and was absolutely loving the challenge of high intensity workouts, learning new movements, and meeting new people.  I would come home and tell Josh all about what I had done that day at AI and would throw in the occasional ‘You know… I think you would really like it… maybe you could come with me one day?’.  But as most couples know, if one partner pushes too hard, the other partner can tend to push back a bit. I wanted SO badly for Josh to come and do CrossFit with me. J: My brother in law first echoed the words “CrossFit” and “Kettle Bell” in my ears. I made no connection to either of those until Kat decided to go to AI North once a week. Kat and I would always ask each other how each other’s work out was regardless if it was playing hockey, running, weight lifting or doing a mommy and me boot camp, so it wasn’t long before CrossFit and Kettlebell, along with a lot of other foreign words (Snatch, Burpee, GHD, Clean, Jerk, Push Jerk, Split Jerk, Overhead squat etc.) were included in our daily conversation. I was hesitant to join a CrossFit gym based entirely on the price. I felt that $175/month was too expensive for a basic gym and I felt that I could look online and poach the workouts from the website and do them at Westside Rec where I was a member. Lesson learned, any gym that is not a CrossFit gym is not conducive to WOD’s. I was able to get away with basic movements and workouts, but was limited by several factors (space & equipment), but most importantly, professional coaching to ensure my safety while doing these complex movements. Eventually I went down to AI South and tried out the 11am class. Yeah it was awesome,  but the price was still a deterrent. What made me commit full time to a membership was hearing all about how much fun Kat was having at the gym. To be honest, I didn’t have fun doing my own workouts by myself with my headphones in. I quickly realized that I would be missing out on a huge part of Kat’s life and joy if I didn’t make an effort to doing this with her. I quickly had my brother in law run me through fundamentals and I haven’t looked back since. 

Crossfit Fitness Training

How long have you been doing CrossFit?K: I actually just celebrated my four year CrossFitiversary this September :).  J: I was a few months behind Kat, so I am coming up on my 4 years right away.  How long have you been married?K: 14 years this August ❤️ J: Same 😉 How has CrossFitting together affected your relationship?K:  Oh man… so many ways.  It obviously consumes a lot of our conversation!  Haha!  Our kids will grooooaaaaan at the dinner table “Uuuuugggh…why do you guys ALWAYS talk about CrossFit?!” Lol!  But we both love it.  And we both understand the struggle of working hard to push beyond physical and mental boundaries.  Josh and I have always been active together.  We used to go running all the time.  We would go to the gym and run side-by-side on treadmills (LOL!… strikes me as funny now).  Josh actually used to be a triathlete.  I would go and support him at races and cheer him on across the finish line. I never got the triathlon bug so I was happy to support him instead of join in.  But now that we both do CrossFit, the support and encouragement coming from both sides is just amplified!  I love celebrating our respective victories together.  In our marriage, Josh has always been my #1 fan.  And it’s no different in CrossFit.  He cooks for me and keeps me fed.  He caters to my ever-evolving nutrition plan - I know this gets annoying but he never complains about it.  He supports my training schedule and is always the loudest in the cheering section when I compete.  I love that we travel our wellness path together.  We make choices in our life that support our fitness goals, but that also allow us to enjoy life!  We have also made SO many new friends through CrossFit.  It’s broadened our social circle like crazy.  J: CrossFit has no doubt brought us closer together. It has forced us to challenge and push ourselves physically in ways that we would not have experienced otherwise. Sharing these challenges and successes with your best friend is so enriching to us personally and as a couple. Our lifestyle has changed. Having a shared belief in nutrition, training and lifestyle sure makes it easy around home. Food prep, meals, habits are all shared so there is no his and hers. It’s ours. There are moments when I have watched Kat compete where my pride and respect for her as an athlete have overwhelmed me. I know how hard she trains and how committed she is. Kat’s goals have become our goals and I find it a tremendous blessing to commit to the challenge to help her achieve her goals. You know that old saying “Sex begins in the Kitchen”? It might also start “In the gym” too. I know that sounds gross, but you know what I mean. 

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Have you learned anything new about each other?K: I’m not sure I would say that I’ve learning anything new, per se… I have however enjoyed observing how Josh and I differ in our competitive nature.  I have ALWAYS been competitive.  I have gotten better at my wise old age of 36, but Josh’s family would always give me a hard time because I HATED losing when we played games.  I was a bad loser.  Lol!  When it comes to CrossFit, I am fuelled by competition.  I get frustrated when I get beat in a workout that I feel like I should have ‘won’. I feel that Josh is much more level-headed about competition.  Of course, he loves to win… who doesn’t?!? But I admire him because he will give it 150% effort but regardless of the outcome, he really enjoys the process… the experience.  That’s my observation anyways.  He takes it in stride and doesn’t get worked up about winning or losing.  It’s definitely something I try to take and apply to myself.  Josh also thrives off of the social aspect of CrossFit.  He is always the first person to give high-fives at the end of the workout.  If there is one person left, struggling to push to the end of a workout, Josh will join them… finish the run with them, do the last movements with them, encourage them until they are done.  It puts a giant smile on my face, because that’s a true representation of who my husband is.   J: I have learned a few things about Kat from CrossFit. I have learned that when she sets her mind to something, she has a tremendous ability to make that happen. I have seen her close her eyes in the middle of a workout and push so hard in the dark zone where many (including me) would have tapped out. She has an ability to suffer and push herself in ways that I have never seen outside of the gym. I have also seen Kat’s heart and compassion in a new light. Her goal to use CrossFit, lifestyle and health to help others is recently new. As a mother of our 2 kids I am so thankful for her compassionate heart, strong body and healthy image of herself. The example that she will set for our daughter on what body image is, what strength is, and what it means to be the best version of yourself will have long term benefits not only on Sloane, but on her network, and her family when she eventually starts one. The example to our son on what a real woman is, is being modelled by his mom everyday at home, at work, and in the gym. For this impact on our kids, I am most grateful for. 

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What is the thing you enjoy most about CrossFitting together?K:  I love seeing Josh every day at the gym.  He does class and I do my training program.  Even though we aren’t doing the same workout, we are still able to support and encourage each other in our efforts.  I love watching him do class, and interact with the other members.  Josh doesn’t just have an effect me… he affects the people around him.  He is positive.  And fun.  And can laugh at himself.  And then he works his ass off and cheers everyone on around him.  Josh inspires me.  I love that. J: I also love walking into the gym and seeing Kat in the middle of my day. Not many couples get to spend some time with their partner mid day, but our jobs allow us the flexibility to workout in the middle of the day. I love that we share CrossFit together. I love that we have made such good lifelong friends with those people we CrossFit with. I love that we can talk CrossFit and have that common ground to discuss. I love that we compete together. But most importantly I love the respect that I have gained for Kat as I have learned how hard it is to achieve what she has on the competition floor and I love how that has brought us closer together.

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