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Samantha Stevenson-Archer

I joined AI the fall of 2012, yikes...where did the time go? It is my home away from home. It is a place to celebrate my accomplishments and gains but also a place that humbles me.

I am stronger mentally and physically thanks to the incredible coaches and the awesome group of friends i have met through AI. They are there to push you, encourage and most importantly to suffer with you. I have gained lifelong friendships with genuinely amazing people. 

I freaking love my CrossFit gym!

Samantha Stevenson-Archer
What People Say about Athlete Inside Performance
Scott Wearmouth

Walking through the doors of Athlete Inside 4 years ago was one of the most intimidating things I had ever done….turns out it was also one of the best decisions of my life!

At 38 years old I had set a goal of being in the best shape of my life at 40, a gift to myself. With the support of the incredible coaches, nutritional consultation from the team at AI and most importantly becoming a part of the amazing community at AI I achieved that goal!

During the past 4 years, health and fitness has become a part of my lifestyle, but the most rewarding part has been the friendships gained through CrossFit and the community at AI.

Now at 42 with the support of the team and community at AI I am working towards being the healthiest and fittest me at 45!    

People Review
Mike Vanderwater

The coaching staff at Athlete Inside Performance is amazing!!

Their attention to detail and ensuring the safety and proper technique of all athletes, regardless of skill level or ability, is paramount.

Having joined AI more than a year ago, I have never felt more welcome, met more amazing people, made so many new friends or had more fun in my fitness life.  And my daily progress still amazes me! 

After going through the worst point in my life with nothing but darkness around me, CrossFit and the support from everyone at AI pulled me back into the light.

My AI family and CrossFit saved my life.

Members Review about Athlete Inside Performance
Dorothy Egginton

I am a mother of 2 teenage girls, both dancers with very different body types.   Since starting at AI, my girls have seen my goals change from wanting to be skinny and reach my target weight to wanting to get stronger, be healthier and hit more PRs at the gym.  I want my girls to have a positive body image, and to realize how much you weigh and fitting into those super skinny jeans is not important.  It is more important to be strong and healthy and to feel good about yourself. 

I have never been very athletic and I never thought that I would feel like I belong in a gym.  I love going to AI and seeing so many people with varying abilities, working together to encourage each other, all wanting to just be better for themselves.  I am so grateful for all the support and encouragement from both members and coaches.

Athlete Inside Performance Member Review
Marisa Anderson

When I joined AI I found a community that I had been searching for. People who had set goals that were similar to mine and coaches who were there to help us reach them.

When I found out I was pregnant with my fourth baby, the coaches talked to me about things that are safe to do while being pregnant. They made sure I could always do the workouts modified to my needs and I was happy to be able to continue to workout my entire pregnancy. 

Joining AI was the best decision I could of made!

Dr. Jeff Koep

AI has ruined regular gyms for me forever.

I used to go to a regular gym and I will never go back.

This community has provided me with motivation, inspiration, competition, and a sense of association!

Not only have I seen gains in my strength and fitness, I have made lifelong friendships.

AI is so much more than just a place to work out.

Dr. Jeff
Travis Gaudet

I started at AI a little over a year ago.

Besides the overwhelming sense of community from the coaches to the amazing members, the knowledge that is brought will truly help you promote longevity & performance.

You will feel better, move better, perform better, and have more energy as you get older.

People are passionate about Athlete Inside Performance, come find out why.

People Review about Athlete Inside Performance
Jayden Knaus

Being apart of the AI community has been such a positive experience for me!

It helped me not only gain highly beneficial athletic training, but also given me the opportunity to meet inspiring, motivated, and especially friendly individuals who I can look up to as a young adult.

The coaches there are truly remarkable people that make me excited to return to the gym each day with their uplifting attitudes, and admirable athletic abilities.

From starting out in CrossFit Kids, to competing in local teen competitions, and then being welcomed to join the regularly scheduled classes, I have loved every part of being involved of such an amazing community.