I have never tried CrossFit before and have never used any of the equipment – where do I start?

Remember this!  Everyone in CrossFit had a first day.  At AI Performance, our coaches are here to help you learn and to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  All our members start with the Fundamentals Course – we take you through all the basic CrossFit movements and teach you to perform them safely.  This way, when these movements show up in class, you aren’t seeing them for the first time. 


CrossFit is intimidating! Isn’t it just for elite athletes?

Nope.  In short, CrossFit is for everyone!  Every movement is universally scalable – all that means is no matter which movement comes up, there is a scaling option available to meet your specific ability.  As you become more comfortable with the movements and equipment, our coaches will help you move through progressions to increase the difficulty.  This is where we see the effectiveness of CrossFit – your body begins to adapt, so we throw something different at it.


I am out of shape and overweight – I need to get into better shape before starting CrossFit.

We have members of ALL shapes and sizes within our community.  Many of our members were right where you are now and have realized results far beyond what they ever thought possible because they walked through our door.  No matter your current level of fitness, our experienced and friendly coaches can scale the workouts to your ability to get you started.  Beyond that, our community of members are some of the most supportive people you will find ANYWHERE. 


CrossFit is too hard for me. 

Classes can definitely be challenging, but this is YOUR workout.  You can choose how hard to make it based on your level of comfortability and your level of fitness.  As you progress and become more experienced with the movements and the equipment, you can ramp up the intensity with guidance from our coaches.


It seems expensive.  How can I justify the cost?


Every class you attend is coached by an experienced trainer who will guide and encourage you through your workout.  Class sizes are capped at 16 people to ensure that you get the coaching you need every time you come.  We also have the space and the equipment that is unrivaled in our area.  Your membership gets you unlimited CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Mobility, and Bootcamp classes with flexible class times to fit your schedule. One of the most frequent complaints we hear from gym-goers is that they are paying $29/month at a conventional gym but they are bored, unmotivated, and they aren’t seeing any they just don’t go.  Come give us a try and you will be amazed at the value included in our all-in monthly membership fee.